Free UK Google Shopping Coming In 2020

Free UK Google Shopping Coming In 2020

As we face the coronavirus pandemic, digital commerce is the lifeline keeping retailers afloat, and with an uncertain future ahead Google have been looking at ways to support online businesses throughout this crisis. 

With footfall on our high streets currently at a record low due to the pandemic, consumers are turning to online platforms to source not only essential items but also clothing, toys and home-related goods. Businesses are constantly looking at new ways to re-connect with their customers, but in doing so there remains an increasing need to keep costs to a minimum. 

Earlier this year, Google announced a plan to introduce free listings into the Shopping results, a measure which aims to increase the number of merchants using its shopping service. The company have already rolled out the changes to the US market, and other markets (including the UK) will follow towards the end of this year. 


How will this new measure help businesses?

Many retailers across the country have items people are looking for in stock, but they are harder for consumers to find online. The new changes will mean that search results on the Google Shopping tab will primarily consist of free listings, helping businesses to connect with consumers regardless of whether they advertise on Google. 


How will the changes affect Google Shopping?

The changes will currently affect the Shopping tab only, with paid ads still visible at the top and bottom of the page to generate the majority of clicks. The current search engine results pages where Shopping listings are featured will still remain exclusive to paid listings.


How will retailers benefit?

Retailers will gain free access to millions of shoppers who visit Google every day. Existing customers will be able to list their full catalogues as opposed to only promoting some products on the platform. 


How will shoppers benefit?

Shoppers will be able to access thousands more products from a wide range of stores through their Google Shopping tab. 


How will advertisers benefit?

Advertisers who are already proficient in shopping campaign management will have the opportunity to further integrate their strategy across paid and organic searches to increase sales and enable reinvestment into paid ad campaigns.


What do businesses have to do to take advantage of the free listings?

If you're an existing user of Google Merchant Center and Google Shopping ads, you don't need to do anything different. For new users, Google will continue to work on improving the joining process over the coming weeks and months. 

Google has also created a new partnership with PayPal which will allow sellers to link up their existing accounts for accepting online payments. This will speed up the joining process and ensure the highest quality results are produced for users. 

Google will also continue to work with their existing partners such as Shopify to ensure that companies who trade mainly through their own websites can make a smooth transition to selling on Google Shopping. 

Since 2012, Google Shopping has required merchants to pay the company to list products as a form of advertising, leading to fewer companies opting to use the platform. The new measures could provide a lifeline for a number of businesses who have been forced to close their doors during this crisis. 


Visit the Google Help Centre for more details on how to participate in free product listings and Shopping ads.

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