About us

Tronik was founded over a decade ago as the result of Matt's passion and vision to see e-commerce done better. At the time Matt had noticed, that despite the large amounts of data being collected, very little was being done to make use of that data to help turn visitors into customers.

In the years since we've helped launch dozen's of new brands in the digital space, as well as refreshed and upgraded long standing businesses that are leaders in their sector.

Today Tronik work's with numerous companies to help bring the latest innovations in e-commerce to their clients. This is still done, with the firm conviction that data led decisions lead to better results, and the most cost-effective investments.


Matt also co-founded Leeds Sharp, a C# and .Net coding meetup that seeks to keep Leeds on the technical forefront with monthly talks from industry innovators as well as code dojos to help both new and established coders gain more skills and learn new technologies.