Digital Marketing

Keyword Tracking for SEO From £49.00

Keyword Tracking for SEO

Track the search engine results page (SERP) rankings for your relevant search terms so that you know how effective your copywriting...

Keyword Research for SEO From £49.00

Keyword Research for SEO

Identify your head terms that will drive the most traffic to your site. Head terms are keywords that have a...

Google Shopping Optimisation From £49.00

Google Shopping Optimisation

Reduce the cost of your Google Shopping campaigns. Make your budget work harder and increase your return on ad spend. We can...

Blog Post Copywriting From £75.00

Blog Post Copywriting

Fully researched blog post. Relevant to your target audience. Topical or high traffic. Geared toward maximising social engagement. Guaranteed to...

Competitor Research From £49.00

Competitor Research

Identify your competitors. Which keywords are driving the most traffic to these sites? What content marketing strategy is delivering results?...

Google Shopping Feed Setup From £49.00

Google Shopping Feed Setup

Google Shopping should be the first advertising channel you consider. It will deliver instant return on ad spend.

Bing Shopping Feed Setup From £49.00

Bing Shopping Feed Setup

Although Google Shopping is the king of product ads and will deliver the best results, Bing Shopping is also worth...

SEO Website Audit From £29.00

SEO Website Audit

A comprehensive audit of your website with actionable results that will guarantee to increase traffic to your online store. Comprehensive...

Marketing Calendar From £69.00

Marketing Calendar

We create a full year of events tailored to your target audience. Complete with actions. Knowing key events for the...

Online Reputation Management From £268.00

Online Reputation Management

Today, ecommerce is all about transparency, good customer relations, and honest content. Seller reviews, product reviews, customer relations via social media...