How faceted search increases conversion rates

Faceted search is a form of navigation found on the category and search results pages of an ecommerce website. It's a set of filters a customer can use to find the right set of products he or she is looking for. It's also a great way to give customers ideas about what products are available. 

Online retailers were the first to make use of this technology in the early 2000's. However, up until 2014, only 40% of online shops were using this technology. This has changed in the last couple of years. Depending on how big your product offerings are, faceted search is a must for any professional online store these days.

So why does faceted search increase your conversions? By adding searchable properties of all your products you increase their discoverability. That means more customers find what they are looking for, hence more customers place orders. Our clients have seen a noticeable increase in revenue since implementing faceted search. 

Because products are easier to find, you can also expect bounce rates to reduce. This will have a positive effect on your search engine rankings and should give you a boost in organic traffic.