Ecommerce Consultancy

Application Performance Monitoring Setup From £375.00

Application Performance Monitoring Setup

Keeping track of every aspect of your online store is crucial to the success of it. Downtime and errors can...

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Setup From £225.00

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Setup

Give your online shop a massive performance boost by moving onto a global content delivery network. Your product images will...

Cross Browser Testing From £425.00

Cross Browser Testing

Test your online store in all browsers and all mobile and tablet devices. Get screenshots of your pages across browsers...

Google Analytics for Ecommerce From £274.00

Google Analytics for Ecommerce

Increasing your profit is so much easier when you start measuring all your key metrics. You need a highly tuned...

Microsoft Azure SQL Database Migration From £1,499.00

Microsoft Azure SQL Database Migration

Move your Microsoft SQL Server database to the cloud with confidence. Simply add Tronik and your data receives a first class...

Microsoft Azure Website Migration From £9,499.00

Microsoft Azure Website Migration

Migrate your on-premises ecommerce website to an Azure App Service. We provide full support around moving your online shop to...

Shopify Store Setup From £180.00

Shopify Store Setup

Need help with setting up your Shopify store? We've done it many times and we're happy to help.

Support Contract From £399.00

Support Contract

Bug fixes, minor improvements, consultancy.

Umbraco Website Setup From £180.00

Umbraco Website Setup

Need help with setting up your Umbraco site? We've done it many times and we're happy to help.

Web Application Firewall Setup From £375.00

Web Application Firewall Setup

Securing your online store is paramount to the survival of your business. We will protect your site with a state-of-the-art web...